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The Gates Mills Historical Society

Preserving Village History Since 1946

Landmark Houses and Legacy Homes

The Gates Mills Historical Society created the Landmark House Program to designate homes built by original settlers in the village. Many of the homes on Old Mill Road are recognized with a plaque: 

In 2009, the Historical Society also established the Legacy Home Program to continue recognizing significant homes in Gates Mills.  The program helps to preserve these additional notable homes by recording the dates of their construction and documenting their owners, architects and builders.

All structures in the village are eligible for consideration, and while those built prior to both the Civil War and World War II are more easily recognized for their historical significance, newer homes of exceptional quality or unusual significance may be included.  Applications may include noteworthy events held at the house, notable architects or building techniques, significant alterations or additions to complement the house, or other meaningful details.

The Historical Society’s Legacy Home committee reviews all completed applications with attending material and identifies those homes entitled to a plaque.  Further information and applications may be obtained by e-mailing us or by writing to The Gates Mills Historical Society, P.O. Box 191, Gates Mills, OH  44040.