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The Gates Mills Historical Society

Preserving Village History Since 1946

Annual Membership

The GMHS relies solely on annual membership dues and private donations.

Individual:                                       $  30  

Family:                                            $  65

Student (18 years old & younger)               $  10  

Archivist:                                         $ 100

Benefactor                                       $ 250  or more

Make checks payable to: Gates Mills Historical Society and mail to The Gates Mills Historical Society, P.O. Box 191, Gates Mills, Ohio 44040. Please include a notation on your check indicating the membership category.

Endowment Fund

In 2020, a generous bequest from the estate of Tucker Marston prompted the Gates Mills Historical Society to think strategically about how best to ensure its long-term financial health.  The decision was made to create an endowment to generate income to help fund day-to-day operations and further our charitable purpose.  Endowments are typically funded entirely by tax-deductible donations, and one of their primary benefits is providing a source of funding over a long period of time through interest income on that investment.

Creating a permanent, unrestricted endowment fund underscores the GMHS’s commitment to protecting its long-term financial stability while also ensuring that it will continue to carry out its mission of preserving the story of Gates Mills’ transition from an agricultural village to a country retreat for wealthy Cleveland families to the residential community we enjoy today.  Because the endowed capital (i.e., invested principal) ideally will never be tapped, any gifts to the GMHS Endowment Fund become permanent sources of funding for our treasured village organization, making each donation “a gift that keeps on giving.”  If you are interested in making a gift to our endowment, please call Lucy Lytle at (440) 448-5095. Thank you!